Kumar Equipment (India)- popularly known as KEI has been providing logistic support for two decades with strict quality control at affordable cost. The day-to-day operation is being managed by:

  • Marketing & Facility Planning Department
  • Production Department
  • Procurement & Quality Control Department
  • Logistic & After Sales Department.

All the departments are being headed by veterans experienced & competent in their respective fields & all the operations are being headed chaired & guided by our C.E.O.

Thus, after the years we have earned our name & fame through quality products through very sophisticated, modern & progressive’s man, machine & working gears.


The entire production is separated in three phases:

  1. Procurement Section - From procuring the raw material to stacking all needed accessories & gadgetries & placing then in proper storeroom & storing yard.
  2. Sheet Metal Section - From getting the sheet metal from Yard to this section for cutting, bending & punching.
  3. Electrical / LPG Fitting - After completion all the sheet metal works, the source of energy is being fitted / connected by qualified & competent technicians.
  4. Trial Run - After finishing each product a trial run is being carried twice to as certain the optimum results & passed on to quality controller.
  5. Inspection by Quality Controller - After trial runs the quality controller goes through all the aspects of the equipments from sheet metal to final run to get the maximum output of the equipments.
  6. Installation & Service Manual - After delivering of the equipment a live demonstration is being carried out to the user / working hard & instruction manual is given. The working hand is being briefed about dos & don’ts & instruction is being given to prevent any mishaps.
  7. After Sales Service - With in the warranty period of 12 months, the organization carries out quarterly check up of the each & all equipments & keep enquiring through after sales department about the recent state. In case of any call, the follow up is being carried out with in shortest possible time.
  8. After the Warranty Period - After the expiry of warranty period if any call is made to us we do attend with minimum service charges & if any replacement or if any servicing is needed we do charge for the spares extra as optimum rates.

Specialized Services

We offer services in the following areas:

Kitchen Location/Sizing

  • Recommending the most suitable location for kitchen with regard to raw material inlet, food service outlets, natural lighting, availability of fresh air etc.

Kitchen Planning

  • Identifying the type of equipment required in the kitchen to match the menu and covers.
  • Sizing and designing of food service equipment with detailed shop drawing.
  • Preparing detailed specifications for all the equipment.
  • Preparation of a kitchen layout to ensure proper flow of men and preparation & cooking of food etc.
  • Service, dish washing, pan washing, pantry, bakery, trolley parking etc.

L.P. Gas System Designing

  • Estimating the total gas requirements to run smoothly the kitchen at peak load.
  • Locating the cylinder storage room and working out sizing and specifications for the same to ensure safe storage and to comply with standards.
  • Sizing of L.P. Gas piping, valves, regulators and fitting.

Engineering Design for Kitchen Exhaust System

  • Design data for exhaust hoods along with drawing.
  • Sizing of exhaust ducting based on correct duct velocities.
  • Estimating the static and dynamic head for the exhaust fan.

Our Strengths

  • Robust Infrastructure: Kumar Equipment (India) boasts of sound infrastructure and highly skilled & dedicated workforce that enables it to cater to customer's requirement. The R&D department is equipped with the latest computer aided design (CAD) section and material testing lab. Production involves stringent quality checks resulting in flawless products.
  • Active R & D Division: Being a progressive organization run by a team of highly experienced and well trained technocrats, the company looks forward to innovative ideas. It is constantly designing and fabricating new products as per requirements of the customers.
  • Better After Sales Services: The company realizes the importance of effective after sales service and ensuring that customers are completely satisfied with the performance of the company's products. Therefore, round-the-clock after sales services are provided to customers through dedicated customer care development.
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